The Hun

2 09 2010

In uncharted plains
Beyond the sun
Lives a creature
By the name of Hun

Its glaring big eyes
Remain closed.
For in its cave
No threat is posed.

Hidden inside,
Hun’s treasures reside.
A large collection of clocks
And a silver pipe as his main prize.

With its big fat paws
And large fluffy ears,
It yearns for entertainment
After many lonely years.

As darkness arrives,
Hun exits its lair.
Creeps silently in the night
And enjoys the fresh air.

Dressing a mischievous smirk
And faking obedience,
The Hun is missing to many
Who always say “Good Riddance”.

But when its eyes flash
And its stomach growls,
This creature enjoys dinner
And the taste of savory owls.

Its snake-like tongue,
Its razor sharp teeth,
Keep his mouth clean
But the smell still reeks.

Better yet is the taste of the young.
Plump toddler flesh
Still screaming and fresh
To fill the tummy of Hun.

It isn’t fun
This is no pun
You should run!
Welcome the Hun.

“The Hun” was a macabre nursery rhyme I wrote to be used as inspiration for Larissa Fuchs‘ animation project, “Nhac!”. Check out her preview below:

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