Human, You Are

9 08 2008

He left us without hesitation
He left us aching in pain

My dad told me:
My son, I’ll leave you
But don’t you think I’m insane.
Never give your life to a cause
If you believe it to be vain.

I thought at the time,
It made perfect sense
My dad had a lot to gain.

But time passed on
And wars flew by
And I grew weary.

My friends were dying
My family was lying
Mass destruction was going steady.

And lust,
They were all part of society.

And pride,
We all had a new deity.

Humans are trash.
We always were,
And I can’t shake the thought.

How despicable we are
How selfish we’ve been
To hold on to what we’ve got

It is our nature,
To be human it is
And lowly in every way.

A creature of mixed results
And crazy cults.

Whatever I do,
I do it for myself.
Don’t you try and disagree.

You’re just the same.
Worthy of shame.
Identical to me.

You’ll go to the end
To attain what you want,
Even if it means getting beat.

You’ll vow revenge,
Chop off heads,
And set the example on the street.

Don’t be shy,
I ain’t high;
I’m only being honest.

You’re just a piece
Of golden trash,
Among many others.

We’re all in a dump,
Which we call home,
Whether you like it or not.

Take a deep breath,
Swallow the truth,
And accept the fact.

To be or not to be
That is not the question.

For human,
You already are.

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