7th Serpent: Genesis

26 02 2009

Genesis is the second episode in the 7th Serpent series. A Max Payne 2 Mod, released in December 2008, that continues the  morbid not-so-distant future in which the massive Serpent Industries progresses with its newest versions of cloned nanotech-soldiers. You are the latest and most advanced version of these super “serpent” soldiers. As Vince Petero, the 7th serpent prototype, you have a mission to complete and targets to take out; even if you never were asked to take part in any of this.

Though I did not shape the backstory of the series, I had the honor of working as writer (and tester) for this cinematic action-packed mod. It was an awesome experience and one that I learned much from. Along with the whole team, I’d like to especially thank Diego “Aavenr” Jiménez and Clément “Corwin” Melendez for bringing me on board. I have to admit it was a lot of fun writing for the game, all the way from cutscenes to dialog, and going through the experience of understanding that writers need to adapt. The point wasn’t to realize my wildest RPG dreams through the script, but combine both gameplay and story elements through the nuances of spoken words as best as possible. Next to that, nothing beats the thrill and satisfaction of seeing your written dialog turning into voice acting.

Don’t waste anytime and be sure to have your share of explosions and slow motion flying bullets by playing 7th Serpent. You’ll need the Max Payne 2 original game and the mod file, but there’s no hassle. Make sure to play both episodes, you don’t want to miss out on the story (and the fun). Crossfire (episode 1) can be found here and Genesis (episode 2) here.

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