“Way of the Samurai 3” at GDC 2013

3 05 2013

This post is in English, para Português, clique aqui.

Every year the city of San Francisco is host to one of the world’s largest game development events: the Game Developers Conference, better know simply as “the GDC”.

This year, during the GDC 2013, an article I wrote analyzing of the narrative structure in the Japanese game “Way of the Samurai 3” was selected as one of the winners of the “GDC’s Game Narrative Review Competition“. Once evaluated, approved, and selected, the authors of the most promising entries are invited to create a poster as a visual synopsis of their review and present at the Narrative Summit.

Not only did I have a lot of fun talking to people who came to ask me about the game’s narrative, but it was especially an honor to be informed by Richard Dansky, one of the members of the Narrative Summit Advisory Board, that I was the competition’s first international winner. In other words, before my entry, only Americans had been selected to present their reviews at the GDC.

  • For a brief video explanation of the game’s narrative structure, watch this:
  • For a brief visual explanation of the game’s narrative structure, click the poster below:




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16 10 2013
Jogos online para Crianças

Muito bom, me amarro no blog de vocês, meus parabéns!

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