The Battle For Brazil’s Game Future – Feature Article by Arthur Protasio at Gamasutra

18 10 2011

On the 13th of october, the well-know and respected website, Gamasutra, published an article I wrote about the Brazilian games industry. As coordinator of the R&D project, CTS Game Studies, and IGDA Rio de Janeiro chapter leader, I put together a piece that analyses the connection between games, the market, and freedom of speech in Brazil.

Although progress is evident that games are growing as a medium, the article goes into detail regarding the impact of judicial decisions, anti-game legislative bills, and the government-run age rating system. Aspects debated include the current perception of games in the country and specific cultural and economic challenges that keep games from being recognized as a vital medium in the developing economy.

The discussion is intrinsically related to the importance of  games legally classifying as art, as well as the influence of narrative, and how all of this affects sales and the development of the the Brazilian games market.

The publishing of this article is very important due to the international exposure of the Brazilian scenario and future developments can only arise through the dissemination of information.

You can read my article here: The Battle For Brazil’s Game Future or download the pdf file.

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