Narrative Reincarnation at Well Played 3.0: Video Games, Value and Meaning

17 08 2011

The Well Played publication (from ETC-Press at the Carnegie Mellon University) has always been a source of inspiration and admiration to me. In fact, I used it as reference for my law school final essay on Games and Free Speech.

The idea of uniting a diverse range of authors – all the way from developers to journalists and researchers – to promote in-depth readings of games is simply ingenious. It is what effectively illustrates that games are a medium of expression, after all each and everyone of the articles reveal different views about numerous aspects that games touch upon.

In its 3.0 volume, Well Played included my article “Narrative Reincarnation in the Way of the Samurai 3”, which discusses the important role that narrative plays in the game by allowing the player to tread through many different short story paths. It is an honor to be featured, along with other authors, in this publication.

You can read my article here: Narrative Reincarnation in The Way of the Samurai 3

Or check out (and buy) any of the Well Played books here: Well Played 1.0 Well Played 2.0Well Played 3.0



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